Eric Meredith


About Eric Meredith

Hi there, I’m Eric Meredith. I am so thankful to call Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, my home, where I grew up after moving to the area with my family at just four years of age.

I was fortunate to grow up in a community where everyone knows your name.

To this day, I see people I have known since childhood and regularly stop for chats at the post office or the local coffee shop. Being from a small town has shaped my values and priorities.

Growing up in one of the most beautiful seaside communities in the country, I developed a love of water, sailing, power boating, and island hopping.

In my early adult years, I have been mainly in Halifax, enjoying a career in the seafood industry before transitioning into the Real Estate industry in 2006 as the seafood industry was rapidly changing and my time had run its course.

Growing up, my parents had their own business, Bayside Real Estate. I grew up hearing all about the ins and outs of real estate, so the transition to real estate was very natural for me. After some significant life changes, I decided in 2015 to move back to my routes on the South Shore. I’ve reconnected with many old friends while making many new friends. I am truly blessed to be part of a great community known for its beauty, safety and community. What is important to me as a person is my faith, my family and my community.

Serving people is really what matters. I firmly believe that you can get everything you want if you are willing to help others get what they want.

I consider myself an area expert on the South Shore and in Halifax, and I I am always willing to help you with your Real Estate goals

Who is Eric Meredith as a husband?

“I met Eric in June 2018, and we’ve been together since then. One thing I adore about my husband is he is consistent. The man I knew over the internet before and the man that I holding today is the same.
He is the man that he will do whatever he says. He is not perfect, but near to perfect in my eyes. He is so loving, a man I am very proud of.”

-Kathleen Meredith / Wife

Who is Eric Meredith as a son?

“Eric grew up in a Real Estate family & I’m delighted he has found his niche in the business. His love of family & community , his honesty & work ethic combine to make him a force to be reckoned with! He’s a loving son, father & grandfather who makes us proud!”

Betty Meredith | Mother

Who is Eric Meredith as a realtor?

“Eric exceeded expectations throughout the entire buying process and was incredible through every stage of selling our home.

He was an ally, friend, and advisor and helped us navigate a difficult time to buy a a new home! We felt like we were constantly “ahead of the curve” in every step of the process, which was entirely due to Eric’s thoroughness and dedication.

We always knew Eric had us covered. We cannot imagine a better experience and cannot wait to refer other people moving forward!”

Much gratitude and appreciation,
Rick & Lyn Naugler Home Seller & Home Buyer

Who is Eric Meredith as a friend?

“Eric and I have been friends for 6 years. He has always been there when I needed his help or just to chat with. He is faithful, dependable, honest, caring, and flexible. I appreciate him a lot.!”

Pastor Rod Bezanson