Bridgewater Real Estate

Finding a home in Bridgewater can be a real trouble. And when you specifically know where you want a house, the trouble gets even more intense.

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Homes For Sale in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Whether you are looking forward to moving in with your family or planning to live alone, Eric Meredith can get you the best deals for all types of houses in Bridgewater.

So, whether you are looking for a family home or a condo, Eric has it all for you.
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About Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Founded over two centuries ago in 1812, Bridgewater is rich with its history and heritage. Home to over 8,500 people, this small town in the Lunenburg County with a mild weather and average summer temperature around 24 °C is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to live in a large and beautiful town in Nova Scotia.

The town is situated in the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, at the navigable limit of the LaHave River. Which adds tons to the beauty of this lively town which is welcoming all year round.

For anyone who wants a house here, the place is an actual paradise for residents. All you need to do is give us a call and have the master of real estate in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia fix you one stunner of a deal for your dream house.