Welcome to Eric Meredith Real Estate, Keller Williams Select Realty where we want to help you write your Real Estate “Best Story”

Our main goal in doing this business is to provide you with excellent help, both in marketing and client services. We have our standard system to follow to make sure all our clients receive the assistance they deserve.

Welcome Email
Stage 1

About Eric Meredith Real Estate. Here, we simply inform you about our us and services in our brochure

Meeting in Person
Stage 2

is a personal meeting to do a listing presentation, discuss our pricing strategies, marketing strategies and client care. Our goal would be to sign an agreement at this meeting. Don’t worry, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Property Preparation
Stage 3

Once you have hired us, we will arrange for our complimentary home staging and professional real estate photos. Our team has a certified home stager and certified real estate photographer.

We will be preparing all your exclusive marketing materials such as professional photos, home brochure, exclusive website page, social posters and more. We will give you a report once we’ve completed these tasks.

Activate Listing
Stage 4

We will then activate your listing on MLS and implement our marketing plan.  Our marketing strategy is mentioned in the brochure. Please read accordingly.

Showings and offers
Stage 5

We will show the home to prospective buyers and negotiate an agreement that is legally enforceable and in your best interest.

The Victory Party!!!!
Stage 6

We will celebrate your success at the local restaurant…our treat!

This is our good structure home selling system process. You can proceed to the next stage by filling up the forms below.

We love to work with you and help you achieve your home-selling goals!

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