“Today, as a team, we never stop creating and developing new ideas of services to give to our clients because the quality of the services we are delivering is a continuous story of our “Real Estate Best Story Book.” – Eric Meredith Real Estate Team

It was 2022 when we finally decided to create our real estate business tagline. However, the challenge is we need to know what it is. It’s widespread to hear the Above and Beyond or the local expert, and the audience is tired of hearing this while they receive the same treatment from real estate agents. So we decided to pray about it.

That year, we felt stuck because we had an office, but it felt like we were spending for no purpose; we even thought of quitting but decided not to. Fast forward. Instead of stopping, we face the challenge. Instead of running away, we seek solutions, and that is exploring real estate business marketing__________ the giant humps in all real estate agents.

One day, while brainstorming, we were caught by the word “Story.” And it strikes us as if we were inside a time machine that we remember our past conversations four years ago about our greatest real estate business dream; by then, we were still online friends. We recognize that all of this started with a simple real estate business card, went to the website, went to marketing, and ended up in marriage. Today my wife is even a licensed real estate agent. It looks like a book with different episodes for Best Story purposes. Mentioning the “Story” is where the bright light of a brilliant idea light bulb turns on.

Speaking of which, let me share our Real Estate Best Story episodes with you.

I have been serving this industry for seventeen years, but this time I decided to shift it to the next level. Even before my wife and I met, I had an excellent real estate reputation; however, I considered establishing my brand prominently.

Kathleen was very passionate about graphic design when I met her, so I decided to give her a try to create a small project. And I got interested because this lady showed an exciting character that made me feel I finally had a great teammate. After I got my first logo as the beginning of my brand, I encouraged her to build a website for me. It was tough; I saw her struggling, but she never quit. By then, we were still waiting to meet in person. However, we already share the same vision in business and life. Since then, our team has begun.

We got married in 2019, and she came here in 2021. It was a challenging experience but it helped us become even more robust. 2022 when we finally decided to bring the real estate business to a serious business. It’s when we step out of faith, take the office and explore different marketing methods. And it’s almost the exact month since we meet online, so we consider it as fulfilling one of our couple’s goals. Kathleen voluntarily increased her studies in marketing. She is very eager to help me and passionate about it. Since then, our company changed.

After we finalized our tagline, things changed dramatically. Not just because we have greater exposure in the community but because we got a clear vision for the business. We wholeheartedly give our very best in serving the community because helping them reminded us that it’s just a continuation of our Real Estate Best Story as a couple.

Today, as a team, we never stop creating and developing new ideas of services to give to our clients because the quality of the services we deliver is a continuous story of our “Real Estate Best Story Book.”

Our Real Estate Best Story Timeline

June 2018
The Beginning
Our First Project Together

It was back in June 2018 when we met online, and we worked together with my branded real estate business card. Kathleen designed my first branding logo as well.

June 2022
The first office
Our first photo as an official office mate

Kathleen and I decided to take a leap of faith to find a space for our office as one step toward our Real Estate Dream.

December 2022
First Major Award
Eric Meredith First Gold Award

After many years of service in the real estate industry, I receive my first major award as an agent. This award was a great motivation for my career.

March 2023
The First Team
Eric Meredith's First Owned Team

Kathleen got her license as a real estate agent, and we ended up as a new Real estate Team.

April 2023
The first house sold together
First photo as a team!

Our first photo together as REALTOR