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Selling homes in Nova Scotia can be very challenging in today’s market. With the advent of social media, data distribution, and all things internet, the role of a Real Estate agent has drastically changed. Agents used to be the gate keepers of information, but now all the information agents used to hold, is now publicly available. Therefore, a Real Estate agents role has in some ways dramatically changed.Selling a home may seem like a fairly simple process, but the reality is having a local area expert, an experienced agent, and an expert in preparing your home for sale, pricing it correctly, and marketing it effectively are the key skill sets required to get you what you want, your home sold in a reasonable amount of time, with the least amount of inconvenience, at fair market value or higher.How does Eric sell houses? Eric has 12+years of experience in the sales of homes in Nova Scotia in both Halifax and the South Shore Real Estate markets. Having spent years living in both locations, he is very familiar with the local markets. He also is a skilled negotiator, very analytical, a critical thinker, very reasonable and calm, he answers is phone or returns calls promptly, he is a skilled marketer and has the right affiliate partners to get your home ready for sale such as home inspectors, home staging companies etc. He is committed to your success and is always working with integrity, enthusiasm and honesty. Why all this experience and qualities are important is he has the knowledge and expertise to get your home ready for market, get it priced competitively, get it marketed effectively and negotiated successfully.How much is the commission? Eric Meredith is very willing and able to discuss a fee structure that is fair and meeting your needs. He is committed to getting you the most net dollars, after commission and expenses. After all, it is not the cost, but the return on investment that counts.Why not sell privately? Studies show that on average, For Sale by Owner homes sell for an average of 10% less than Realtor listed homes on the MLS. Why, simply because the MLS is the most effective, the most widely used platform for real estate sales, period. When you list on MLS, you gain access to 98% of the home buyers because through MLS and their members, this is where Real Estate is marketed in Canada, period.Want to know what your home is worth or find out more about the process? Please fill in the form linked to the button below to get a no pressure, no hassle, no obligation, complimentary home and market valuation, where he will explain in detail, how he can help you sell your home for top dollar in less time. It is completely free to you, and will get you informed about what you need to know about the process. Make the Right Move, contact Eric Meredith today.